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How to sell and buy royalty free images to the Buy photo service


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Background of colourful s...
3888 x 2592

Background of colourful s...
3888 x 2592

Background of colourful s...
3888 x 2592

Background of colourful s...
3888 x 2592


In Buy photo service you can purchase Royalty Free stock photos, Royalty Free stock graphics, Royalty Free stock vector graphics and Royalty Free stock flash files.

We accept credit cards:

To make the Buy photo system easier to use, we have launched new ftp service

Upload you files to the system in double - quick time - Activate ftp the service - save time

If you want to speed up the uploading process to the Buy photo system click:
Main menu / Uploading JPG files to ftp server and activate the ftp service by entering the ftp password.

Log in to the server (using for eg. Total Commander or another program with a ftp option) and enter the following:

url: ftp://buy-photo.eu
Your username in Buy photo
Your ftp password

Go to Main menu/Uploading to the ftp server and activate ftp service in Buy photo.

The system in Buy photo recognizes the IPTC file format for JPG files.

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